Space Savers

One of the best uses of your time the next few weeks is to have some “fall clean out”. Between now and Halloween why not take care of a few “high use” areas of your life that could use some refreshing. Whether it’s your handbag, jewelry drawer, lingerie, or kitchen it is sure to save you time for the rest of the year to have things “IN ORDER”. So often, I find my clients struggling unnecessarily wading through too much stuff, or managing daily life without the tools and supplies they need. Here are a few areas I’ve been working on and what I’ve done in just minutes to make things better….

zipbag Snack size zip bag in each currently used handbag. Contents: small fingernail file, folded tissue, tiny zip bag (Hobby Store for beads) with folded Band-aid, and OTC Rx (aspirin, allergy, etc.), business cards in another small zip bag, breath mints and click style pen or mechanical pencil (not shown).
belts Make wardrobe accessories convenient. Using removable 3M hooks I hung my frequently used belts on the wall of my closet. Now I wear them more often because they are not “out of sight, out of mind” and quick to pop on the outfit of the day.
 DSCF1229 Are your kitchen drawers crammed? I decided to use vertical space on the backs of doors for storing entertaining serving utensils. (3M removable hooks). These inexpensive serving tools are by Oneida (at Wal-Mart) and are out of the way during everyday life.
towels Is it time to get some new towels for your kitchen or bathrooms? You may feel like you got a total makeover by just replacing those old worn out towels. I use smooth woven cotton for dishes (no lint) and fuzzy towels for hands. This way we know which ones are cleanest for drying dishes.