Dinner Delegation


Holidays often bring on the large dinners and parties. If you need to keep things manageable try these SMARTcuts.

1. Choose recipes you are confident about. I have made a photo album into a recipe book for holiday cooking. Having the recipe available means I can DELEGATE more of the work. I have actually saved the directions for turkey and green bean casserole right from the label!

2. Create a time line (and keep it in the above cook book!). Quit figuring out year after year what time to start the turkey or ham, the side dishes and deserts. Prepare ahead anything you can.

3. Lay out the cooking utensils and the ingredients. I mark each dish with a sticky note telling what time to start, what temperature etc. I save the sticky notes from year to year too! 🙂 I line up the groups in order that they need to start cooking. (see below)

4. Put the serving dish and serving utensil by each group of ingredients.

Just this little bit of pre planning can make your holiday run smoothly and help you take advantage of the willing helping hands.