8 SMART Ways to Start the New Year

8  SMART Ways to Start the New Year

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1. Order your new year planner. I love the planner pad. It’s more than an appointment book. It helps me PLAN. Order yours at http://PLannerPads.com. I prefer the personal size, spiral bound and the reusable zippered case. Don’t forget to order the convenient monthly tabs. I have an inexpensive video to show you my own SMARTcuts for using my planner pad. Order here.

2. As you put away your holiday decorations, eliminate any that are past their prime or go unused (yet again).  Shop the sales for “fresh” things for next year.

3. Plan a few short sessions to clear out paperwork. Need some guidance? My PEACE of PAPER system is available for a limited time. Order here. I’ll show you how to manage the incoming daily paper and take action quickly and easily. I’ve also revised this edition to include the Vital Documents information.

4. Start some new traditions. We have a special (yet simple) breakfast on holidays. We use our clear glass plates over birthday cards, wrapping paper, seasonal fabric, photos or drawings to make festive tableware.

5. Clear out closets to make room for holiday gifts. This is a great time to pass along those items that are useful, but not to you!

6. If you aren’t already using my Receipt File suggestion, get a coupon organizer file or envelopes for all all your primary shopping spots. This saves a lot of time all year long!

7. Participate in activities  intentionally this year, not from guilt. Learn to gracefully say, “no” to things that cause you stress. Doing less will probably mean you enjoy this year more.

8. Create your New Year’s Rhythm. What will you include more of and less of? Start that rhythm now!