Selecting a Digital Tablet

SMARTcut Solutions - does device size matter?Recently Debbye and I had a chance to travel to San Diego and Los Angeles for a week for business. As I sat in meetings, wandered the airport, and tried not to get too claustrophobic while sitting in coach class, I studied the wide variety of electronic devices people were using. There were Apple fans in abundance (hey, it *was* California), Android users, Surface Pro users and more. Sizes varied just as much from flip sized phones to the 12.2 Samsung I was toting.

 Occasionally I overheard shots fired in the great Apple versus anyone else war and had to laugh. Electronic devices are chosen on a wide range of criteria and it was a hoot to listen to people justify their choices. Here is how I decide on what electronic device to purchase.

  •  Do I have any cost limitations?
  • What applications will I be using the most and will it have to do double duty as a phone?
  • Do I have to have a constant Internet connection or can I get by with limited Wi-Fi?
  • What data do I need to share with my desktop computer(s)?
  • Do I need the latest bells and whistles or can I get by with an older model?
  • Will I be running videos?
  • Will I be taking pictures, recording videos, or using it as an audio recorder?
  • Does it have to be limited by size?

Each of these criteria can lead you down a path that limits your choices. I start with cost because that effectively sets the boundaries on what I can seriously look at. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to dream about what to get and it can help you identify what functions you have to have, but cost is the number one discriminator.

Of course size does matter. If you travel a lot, convenience may bump size to the top of this list. Disability can also require you to choose a larger than normal device. In my case, I like to take notes at meetings and events and the 12.2 inch format is like taking notes in a three ring binder.

So what factor is number one on your list when choosing a tablet or electronic device?