Common Causes of Procrastination

4 Common Causes of Procrastination

We all procrastinate from one time or another. I refer to it as “creative avoidance techniques”. There are many reasons you procrastinate. CLEAR the fears and get a Vision.

1. Fear of failure: Fearing that you won’t be successful in creating your desired results may stop you in your tracks. The best solution for this lack of confidence may be to seek out a pro! Is there an expert or coach that can reassure your success? It can be cheaper in the long run because you avoid doing, redoing and FRUSTRATION. Think of who or who offers the expertise you need and get their help.

2. Fear of success! Is your subconscious saying things like, “If I get organized I’d have to be perfect, productive, and successful?” Beware of negative self talk! Face your submerged fears about success. They probably aren’t really too logical anyway. Are you harboring old stories such as “Money is the root of all evil. It’s lonely at the top. Successful people aren’t happy?”

3. Limited resources- Are you holding back because of money constraints? Research and plan for the expenses involved.

4. Lack of Clear Vision for your project can contribute to “lack of energy” or “confusion”. Once you “see” what you want, you’ll GET more energy to achieve it. 
Decide what you value such as:
Office functionality. How will it improve business or reduce stress?
 Downsizing- What will simplified living create for your lifestyle?
Financial Freedom- How will you use more financial resources?
Once you “see” what you want, you GET the energy to achieve it. Consider making drawings or collecting pictures to literally create your desired VISION.

Debbye Cannon is the founder of where she has coached internationally for over 30 years to save TIME, SPACE and ENERGY.