The Work/Life Balance Secret

Do you often find yourself struggling with the juggling of balancing work and family?

Weather it is to your children, extended family, as a community volunteer, or client coach…you nurture (and it’s a challenge to fit everything in).
Maybe you’ve been saying to yourself you need to get some “balance”.
Little did you realize that your quest created a physical and emotional tug of war.
The problem is that “balance” is illusive and downright impossible to maintain. The very word means equality, and let’s face it, your family (nurturing) responsibilities and business demands are just not ever going to come out even on the balance sheet.
Even if they could be equal, life’s realities just make it impossible to sustain “balance”. Just as standing on your tippy toes won’t last long, neither will “balance”. Besides, you aren’t standing still. Life is moving on, and so are you!
A few years ago, I struggled with “balancing work and family.” I found that balancing work and family is a mirage! Once I realized these inequalities I discovered a new, and very achievable, goal.
I call it “RHYTHM”. I love the image of working in a smooth flow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. My SMARTcut® systems gave me RHYTHM. With a plan and a path, I could manage life’s ups and downs more easily. I felt like a magic wand had touched my corner of the world and transformed me from drudgery into a dream life.

So the next time you start saying to yourself, “I have to get my life in balance.” Stop and tell yourself instead that you are living your life in RHYTHM. Just this one little word change will get you started organizing without agonizing about your daily life.