Holiday Dinners

Here’s the SMARTcut Solution I’ve saved for any “big deal meal” you will be preparing in the future!

I took my handy “sticky notes” (approx. 1″square) and marked each with the part of the dinner (turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, cranberry jelly, etc.) Next I added the oven temperature (or wrote “stove top”) and the amount of cooking time needed. Finally, I calculated and filled in the time I needed to start cooking each dish.  Here’s my photo.

How to make a meal plan for holiday dinners

Because I am the Queen of Delegation, I laid out the cooking pan, serving dish and ingredients too. That way the whole family can help out. How to make a meal plan you ask? Not surprisingly I keep holiday dinners SIMPLE!

Get place setting etiquette here

A fun way to help the little ones learn how to set the table for you: Take a vinyl place mat. Cut out shapes from adhesive paper and attach to place mat. Now they have a reusable guide and before you know it they’ll be catching mistakes at formal functions!

For after dinner, here are SMARTcut® Solutions for table cloth stain removal. Treat as soon as possible with SHOUT stain stick. The cloth can wait a couple of days to be washed.

For grease spots use DAWN dish detergent. Wash BUT DON’T DRY until you air dry the cloth and check to see the stain is out. If so, dampen slightly and toss in dryer with a dryer sheet (or re-wash with liquid fabric softener).

Fabric softener (liquid or sheets) makes fabrics less absorbent. That’s good for table cloths (unless yours has a stain fighter finish like Teflon). Fabric softener isn’t good for towels though.

Oh, and just for the record….. Thanks for being a part of my world! I appreciate you! Have a happy and safe holiday.

Now’s a great time to join our membership group and save yourself some holiday hassles the next few weeks (not to mention all next year!!) How to make a meal plan is just the beginning of the SIMPLY BRILLIANT ideas you’ll find there to organize and simplify your life!

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