Project Filing


You may already be using my Action File to control the daily incoming paper. Another area of concern with paper is “projects”. Those things that are in process over several days or more. To keep these projects (and the paper involved) organized I use “Universal Clear Project Files” available from Shoplet. This is an economical resource for office supplies. They have quick shipping and small minimum orders. These come in packages of 25 for $4.51 and come in handy for so many uses!

These clear pockets are open on two sides (8.9 x 11.4 in)

  • I have put some in my car to organize ads and coupons by location.
  • I have a couple on my desk top to keep notes of my coaching clients (or other active projects) in order.
  • One is in my Action File to hold checks I have deposited on line until I am sure the deposit went through.
  • How about using one for organizing greeting cards by event?
  • I used one for all the paperwork involved in a business transaction.
  • I find them handy for the handouts for speaking presentations.
  • Keep the documents you purchase for business presentations clean and neat in a file box in your car.
  • By cutting one down it’s handy to keep small coupons or business cards in my handbag.