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Clear Your Mind

DreamingWomanMost of us struggle with the “little voices” that fill us with self doubt and low self esteem. Even if you feel you are the most positive person around, this short audio recording will deliver some valuable mentoring tools you can use yourself and share with those around you. Try ’em. They DO make a difference!

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Polishing Personal Style

I had a great time today  guiding my Style Client on her Shopping Experience! As a Librarian and Adjunct Professor, she wanted to polish her personal style.
Corporate Speech Solutions reported, “The social psychology department of Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted a study researching the affect of personal appearance on individuals’ starting salaries. In this study, a group of identical resumes were sent out to the human resources departments of over 500 companies. Each resume was accompanied by a photograph of the supposed applicant. One half of the companies received resumes with pictures of individuals sporting their typical, day-to-day appearances.
The other half received pictures of the same individuals after receiving appearance upgrades by outside professionals. Each of the companies was asked to determine a starting salary for the individuals represented by the pictures and resumes. The results indicated that personal appearances can most certainly affect your bottom line: the resumes accompanied by the more polished, professional appearances were quoted starting salaries 8 to 20% higher than the “before” pictures. Since the content of the resumes was identical in each condition, this indicates an important, if somewhat disconcerting point: appearances do matter, often in very concrete ways.”
This client, like others, has a large body frame and is also quite tall. Two of her biggest take ways were recognizing how to use body proportion to her advantage and how to extend her limited wardrobe with accessories. I’m excited to see how her next work evaluation goes and if she lands that promotion she’s seeking.
But does an entrepreneur need an image boost? You bet! YOU are the company so opinions of your business competence weighs heavily on your appearance.
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Saying Hello – Greetings That Are Positive

Take a look at the video below. Ferdinand Foch, commander of French Forces in World War 1, visited America in 1921 and was welcomed by a group of Native Americans. Having been a speechwriter, I can tell you that events like these are very scripted. What is said is generally planned in advance and little is let to chance because everyone wants to make the “right impression.” I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to listen to what the discussions about this meeting covered – “Yes, Marshal Foch, the last General the Sioux met was Custer….”

How much thought do you give to what you say to someone when you meet them? This past weekend I had a chance to listen to Glen Morshower speak and one of the topics he covered was what do you say to someone when you see them? He said that most people, when asked how they are doing, respond with “I’m fine.”

How boring!

How blah!

Track how the intonation works – …   I’m  …   fine   ….

Are you really? You start off on a high note and then… sag.

We have a friend at church that, when asked how he is, always answers “I’m Happy!”

Note how this runs –   I’m   Happy!

The intonation goes up at the end, giving a positive impression and pushing energy out, resulting in a better feeling for both him and the person he is greeting.

Most studies state that you have 10 seconds to make an impression on someone when you first meet them. This impression carries over into every other contact you have with them and will affect your long term dealings with them. So give some thought as to what your style of greeting will be.

Make it positive, deliver it with a smile, make eye contact, and stand straight. More important, make it positive.

How am *I* doing? I’m glad you asked. I’mmm Grreat!