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Presentations and Exhibits

Pack SMART if you do presentations or exhibits you’ll appreciate these SMARTcut Solutions to reduce the stress and load of showing your business and/or products. It will save your time AND make more money when your presentation is easy to manage and professional looking.

We use laminated posters and easels. Shopping bags for drawing entries. Place mats for branding color. This entire display including CDs to sell fits easily into a rolling “carry on” sized bag.

The two posters on the back corners are color copies on card stock, laminated and supported by folding easels (from Hobby Lobby). They can be easily carried in an unfolded, flat Priority Mail box and will fit in a carry on luggage for undamaged transport.

FullSizeRenderThe round straw place mats are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as other table linen departments. We have 6 which make for an easy “no wrinkle” way to add our brand color to the table. It’s also easy to stretch or shrink the display to fit different sized tables with these mats.

The prize drawing container is a folding gift bag. Also easy to carry! Don’t forget to have some slips with complete contact info for entering your drawing.

Whatever you need to pack, make a master list to re-use. As an added bonus, you can now delegate the packing and restocking to a team member.

Have a re useable packing list. Here’s ours.



Event Planning

Having just returned from the Rock Star Marketing Boot Camp in Los Angeles, the details of organizing for an event or a trade show are fresh on our minds. If you have some visibility opportunities coming up read on for some of our favorite ways to “save time. make money. and create freedom!”

Use the “Sticky Note Brain Dump technique to organize all the little pieces and see ways to delegate. It’s a free video on the top of our home page. Here’s a photo of one Debbye did for re-vamping our marketing funnel and website.


This makes it easy to see and track progress with you have a major undertaking. I first began using this system for our military relocations. There were always LOTS of details to include. Best SMARTcut, if this is a recurring event save the sticky notes and use them next time!