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Lighting SMARTcuts

light timerWhen the days get shorter I enjoy using my automatic timers on lamps and display cabinets. It’s so nice to have your home light up at dusk and turn off automatically at bedtime. You’ll be pleased at the warm, cozy feel it gives to  your home during the fall and winter months! Just be sure to grab them early. I know they are often sold out early when holiday decorations get underway!

While you are making your lighting changes….consider using a dimmer switch in TV rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. I always used them in my children’s nursery!

Yes, I also have ’em on my Christmas tree lights and exterior lights too. In fact, I pack the tree light timer and extension cord right in the box with the tree decorations so I  have it handy when we set up our tree.


Space Savers

One of the best uses of your time the next few weeks is to have some “fall clean out”. Between now and Halloween why not take care of a few “high use” areas of your life that could use some refreshing. Whether it’s your handbag, jewelry drawer, lingerie, or kitchen it is sure to save you time for the rest of the year to have things “IN ORDER”. So often, I find my clients struggling unnecessarily wading through too much stuff, or managing daily life without the tools and supplies they need. Here are a few areas I’ve been working on and what I’ve done in just minutes to make things better….

zipbag Snack size zip bag in each currently used handbag. Contents: small fingernail file, folded tissue, tiny zip bag (Hobby Store for beads) with folded Band-aid, and OTC Rx (aspirin, allergy, etc.), business cards in another small zip bag, breath mints and click style pen or mechanical pencil (not shown).
belts Make wardrobe accessories convenient. Using removable 3M hooks I hung my frequently used belts on the wall of my closet. Now I wear them more often because they are not “out of sight, out of mind” and quick to pop on the outfit of the day.
 DSCF1229 Are your kitchen drawers crammed? I decided to use vertical space on the backs of doors for storing entertaining serving utensils. (3M removable hooks). These inexpensive serving tools are by Oneida (at Wal-Mart) and are out of the way during everyday life.
towels Is it time to get some new towels for your kitchen or bathrooms? You may feel like you got a total makeover by just replacing those old worn out towels. I use smooth woven cotton for dishes (no lint) and fuzzy towels for hands. This way we know which ones are cleanest for drying dishes.

Project Filing


You may already be using my Action File to control the daily incoming paper. Another area of concern with paper is “projects”. Those things that are in process over several days or more. To keep these projects (and the paper involved) organized I use “Universal Clear Project Files” available from Shoplet. This is an economical resource for office supplies. They have quick shipping and small minimum orders. These come in packages of 25 for $4.51 and come in handy for so many uses!

These clear pockets are open on two sides (8.9 x 11.4 in)

  • I have put some in my car to organize ads and coupons by location.
  • I have a couple on my desk top to keep notes of my coaching clients (or other active projects) in order.
  • One is in my Action File to hold checks I have deposited on line until I am sure the deposit went through.
  • How about using one for organizing greeting cards by event?
  • I used one for all the paperwork involved in a business transaction.
  • I find them handy for the handouts for speaking presentations.
  • Keep the documents you purchase for business presentations clean and neat in a file box in your car.
  • By cutting one down it’s handy to keep small coupons or business cards in my handbag.


Financial Prosperity-Guest Expert

MoneyClampHave you ever felt trapped, where it almost feels claustrophobic even though you’re not physically in a tight space? Ever feel like you were destined to be stuck in the same state forever? Have you ever been in a situation where you kept doing the best you could but it seemed to get you nowhere different? Ever experience the kind of trapped feeling where it seemed like the only direction left was out of this earth?

No woman should ever have to stay in a demeaning relationship because of money. No family should ever feel trapped in a run-down home because they think their fate is to be poor. No man should ever feel trapped by a job that drains the life from him and robs him of time with his wife and kids. No one should ever have to make important decisions based on lack of money. No one has to feel trapped when they awaken to the abundant truth hiding in plain sight!

Abundance is a real thing to be tapped into. To be rich means to have options. Adhis helps create options and guides women and families to freedom.

Enjoy this Guest Expert interview with Adhis Boucha, The New Money Mama.

Here’s Adhis’ 30 Day Tracking Sheet promised in the interview:

30 day Tracking Sheet

Abundance IS already. Will you claim it?



Emergency Preparedness

Our current information age keeps us all too abreast of current events, not the least of which are emergency situations around the world. Since no one is exempt from inconvenience to tragedy, it only makes sense for us to be as prepared as we can. Here are just a few area you may want to check and/or improve to keep you and yours safe.

1. Fire Extinguishers and smoke detectors. Key areas might be garage, kitchen and AC/Furnace room. Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 2 x year. Set a reminder on your computer or phone.

2. Emergency water. Will you be “up the creek” if the water supply is contaminated or interrupted? Why not stock a few cases of water bottles. Do it for free by rinsing empty 2 liter soda bottles. As long as the water you store is “potable” (means good drinking water, even from the tap) it will be safe. Recommend storing out of contact with sunlight. How about the hard to reach areas under the sink? Make sure NOT to put food/water storage containers directly on concreate floors (toxic). Goal is 14 gallons( 2 week supply) per family member. Store unscented household bleach to purify other water as needed.

Emergency Heat Can3. Emergency heat/power. Ever been long without power? Get some long burning candles or flashlights (maybe the crank powered ones?).  This is an inexpensive  and safe DIY project. Use a clean quart paint can (home improvement stores sell ’em). Smash in a roll of toilet paper and soak with alcohol. Replace lid. Tape on a BIC lighter and paint can opener. Once used refill the alcohol. The paper doesn’t even burn. Weird! Great to keep in the car in the winter. Butane stove burners are also very inexpensive and can even be used indoors. Be sure to get BUTANE and not PROPANE. Mine is a one burner and I have 4-8 bottles of butane. I could cook for several days/weeks on this if needed.

4. Emergency food. Gather up some meals that require no refrigeration and little or no cooking. Here’s my a list of breakfast foods I can keep on hand. All can be prepared with at least my butane stove (above). Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Pancakes, Rice, Cold Cereal. For lunches or dinners: Packaged/canned soups, pasta dishes, canned meats, beans, and of course, classic PBJ and crackers. Be sure to add in some candy (especially CHOCOLATE) and canned fruits. When you and yours are under stress, familiar favorites will taste pretty darn good.

My Favorite Filing Systems

Here are two of my most recommended filing systems. Choose the one that fits your needs the best. Simply click the image to learn more about each one!

Paper Tiger is a SMARTcut Solution for keeping track of paper, media, storage boxes, on line files and more. This is a great choice if you have lots of “stuff”, multiple family members or businesses to keep in control. Helps you search quickly for more than paper, no scanning required. Have you ever procrastinated filing something because you can’t decide WHERE it goes? By creating a keyword search you (and others) all will be able to know where something went. Free trial.  Click the image above to see videos and learn about options.

Freedom Filer is my recommendation for family files. This SIMPLE to use system helps you know what to keep and clean out periodically with virtually no effort. Click image to find out more and purchase.

Organizing Your Wallet

There’s something about having a beautiful, well organized handbag that just breeds confidence and serenity in a busy woman’s life. Need a business card on the spur of the moment (one without gum stuck to it)? Want a pen and paper to write a note in the school drop off lane? Embarrassed to reveal all just to find your lip gloss?

This 7 minute video will give you some SMARTcut® Solutions for selecting an efficient wallet.

If getting your handbag SIMPLIFIED is high on your “to do” list, check out my favorite tool.