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Time Gobblers


Here are 10 of the TOP TIME GOBBLERS…

1. Lack of urgency/procrastination.

2. No clarity/focus.

3. Inadequate or inefficient tools.

4. Spending “dollar time” on “penny tasks.”

5. Using distraction to create avoidance.

6. Interruptions from lack of boundaries.

7. Chaos and clutter.

8. Internet and social media addictions.

9. Negative thoughts and people.

10. Fatigue from poor personal care.





Long Weekend Projects

Long Weekend Projects

White clock with words Time for Action on its face

Got time? Maybe a long weekend isn’t bringing you some exotic get away, but instead a great opportunity to refresh yourself and your space with some long procrastinated project. Here are some tips for working moms to consider that will pay off big time. Balancing work and family just got simplified.

  • Paint a room. A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive thing you can do to update and “renovate” the appearance of a space. The new color matching computers available in home improvement stores can take the stress out of selecting the perfect shade.  Just take in your fabric or other color inspiration and let the pros create a perfect match.  My favorite painting combo is a large rectangular Glad food storage box to pour paint into. Just snap on the lid when you need to take a break and the paint says moist. A disposable fuzzy paint pad w/ a Styrofoam handle will fit right in (you can even leave it in the box on your break). Don’t forget to use the blue painter’s tape to mask off the baseboards, ceilings, outlets, etc.
  • Clear a closet (or two). Just “let it all out”! Try on the clothes you haven’t worn. Separate those to give away, repair, have cleaned, or trash. Buy matching hangers. This is an inexpensive way to freshen the appearance of your closets. It takes one foot of rod for 15 shirts, 12 jeans/pants, 6 jackets or suits. Estimate what your closet will realistically hold and reduce your wardrobe to fit your space comfortably. You may be more willing to put things away if they fit easily & aren’t all crammed in!
  • Purge some paper. Go to and search for publication 552 for guidance on what paperwork to keep. Much of what you have is probably too outdated or useless or available on line (owner’s manuals, etc.).
  • Have a FIX IT UP spree. Haven’t taken the time to fix those minor irritants around your home or office? Grab the tool box and “attack” them or call someone to help. Quit being frustrated daily by the closet that won’t close, the burned out light bulb or the loosey-goosey towel bar that falls on you every day!
  • Reward yourself for your efforts-although your nice space will probably be enough!



Cost of Paper Disorganization

How much is being disorganized costing you?

 One the most common requests we hear is, “Help me organize my paper!”

It is said that the average person spends over 150 hours per year, just looking for lost information.  Some estimates are even higher than this! Based on a 260 day year (not considering holidays, personal days, etc., and let’s say you never look for lost information on the weekends…), that is almost 35 minutes per day, 2.9 hours per week and 12.5 hours per month!

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