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There’s just so much to do and so little time, especially when you run your own business. Chances are you, or someone you know, is affiliated with a company who sells cosmetics, housewares, health products, gifts, cleaning products or services directly to consumers. Many of these entrepreneurs work from home, or more truthfully from their cars.

The reality is that direct sales companies offer opportunities for supplemental or primary income. Most do a great job of training their sales force with product knowledge and their compensation plan. However, they often miss some of the foundational pieces of business and personal management-  creating flexible time management and support systems. Without these, your business will either fail fast, or become a monster that eats you alive!

DreamingWomanTHE DREAM: Why did you came into Direct Sales?

  • Just to help a friend.
  • You love product and wanted a “wholesale discount.”
  • The idea of extra income was appealing.
  • You were seeking more family and/or personal time by replacing current income or job.
  • The tax advantages made sense!
  • You found yourself eager for recognition and a self improvement course you’d get paid to take.

MoneyClampTHE REALITY: Where are you now? A large percentage of people who are drawn to direct sales opportunities are creative types. Sometimes that “creativity” becomes scattered effort with less than positive results.

Has your direct sales “business” really become an expensive direct sales “hobby” that is costing you more than you are making? Are you unsure how to turn it around and become profitable?

Maybe you are someone who really has a “knack” for direct sales. You could sell ice to the Eskimos, but you are drowning in unexpected growth. Both your business and your personal life have entered survival mode! You just can’t keep your head above water. If you are ready to survive your success, you are in the right place!

TIMEbusinessTHE PROBLEM: What is causing the “gap” between the DREAM and the REALITY?

What is missing is how to FIT this additional time commitment into daily life. At least in the beginning, most representatives work part time and they need the skills and tools to work SMART not HARD.

Almost no one has had a class in school on time management, setting boundaries or efficiency.  In fact, we spend more time planning our next vacation than our daily life. Life just comes in the door and we take it one thing at a time. There’s little intentional about day to day activities.

Perhaps you struggle with environmental clutter and chaos. Living in an abundant society with a “scarcity mentality” produces unwanted “stuff”. Piles and piles of “I don’t know what to do with this stuff!” Before long you may be feeling buried alive!

Finally, creative types are usually somewhat lacking in their excitement and skills for administrative issues. The boring tasks of money management, tracking and paperwork are often procrastinated…a costly mistake!


THE OPTIONS: What are your choices? Just about every person in an independent business like direct sales finds themselves evaluating their options. What shall I do?

  • Quit? Give up. Throw in the towel.  “This won’t work for me.”
  • Reduce commitment? I’ll cut back. “This will be better for me part time.”
  • Increase effort? I’ll hit the gas.  “I just need to work harder.”
  • Find ways to make it work? “I’m a smart cookie. I can learn the skills I need to succeed.”

Bride in swing set.THE SOLUTION:

Get Rhythm. That’s where SMARTcut Solutions comes to the rescue. With over 30 years of personal direct sales experience, we know about the reality of struggling with the juggling. We know how to systematize and work efficiently so your business can come fully alive without killing you!

Creating a custom plan around your situation and personality type will prevent burn out. Create flexibility. Have systems that will accommodate  your life’s ups and downs. Find the tools  and support you need to start working smart, not hard.

“I run a busy Real Estate business and family. I needed to get more efficient to reduce stress. Debbye was very helpful- even though I have a Real Estate coach it was nice to talk to an organized Mom/Wife to help me get unnecessary things off my plate and focus more on the things that bring income/joy/balance into my life! Thank you Debbye! I feel less stress already!”
Cathi Hughes

Now the “READY, SET, GROW!” program will support you with the
BEST PRACTICES for Direct Sales Leaders and their Teams.

  • Are you ready to have more quality prospects and know how to create a follow-up system that keeps you on track?
  • Would you LOVE to have a streamlined presentation for your business that was quick to deliver and rich with results?
  • Will sharing your business opportunity create another income stream?
  • Could you use some expert guidance to know how to get the most income?

    Just $197  (You can make this back the first week!)
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READY, SET, GROW! is comprised of 4 modules to accelerate your income with the keys to direct sales success. No need to wander in the wilderness when you can implement the BEST PRACTICES and start seeing results quickly and easily.

Module 1-Attract don’t ATTACK.

Overcoming fear of prospecting.
Following up with leads.
Dissolving objections.
Closing the sale to get a “yes!”

What Participants said about Module 1:
“Great job! Very informative. Looking forward to next week.!” Colleen
“Great, as always!” Deborah Anne

Module 2- Perfecting a Profitable Presentation
How to have your business ready to roll at the drop of a hat!
Scripting to presenting your product or service in minutes.
Organizing your presentation for maximum results.
Saving on presentation expenses.

 “I can see how I can save time on my presentations and get better results.” Deborah
“I LOVE your training!” Marie

Module 3- Compounding Income Through Sharing your Business
Finding quality team members.
Presenting your business in the best possible light.
Team building traps to avoid.
How to help your team without killing YOUR personal business.

“Learning about Positive Denials and Positive Affirmations lets me live in POWER!” Colleen

Module 4- Work Smart, Track and Repeat!
Identifying the most productive uses of your time.
Creating the RHYTHM to your work that keeps your bank account and your life happy!
Tracking to meet your goals and objectives.
Simple systems to manage the paper and finances.

“I am so relieved to get a handle on my email!” Deborah

Be ready to make more this season and make this year strong!
 Home Study Course just $197,
Includes all 4 Modules + Templates

   Get all 4 Modules for $47

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