SMARTcut® Solutions is a Business & Personal Management company
offering instruction in personal development, organization and time management
for the home and business.



Michael Cannon
Mentor, Trainer, Presenter, Author

Michael spent twenty-six years as an active duty officer in the military and has worked in the business community since his retirement. He has been a programmer, manager and entrepreneur working with a wide range of companies. and technologies.

As a speechwriter he worked for the commander of the largest division of the Department of Defense and created presentations on strategy, force structure and leadership. As an Associate Professor at the United States Military Academy, he taught a wide range of historical topics including, but not limited to, Korea and Vietnam, American History, European History, the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The practical application of history to leadership and business issues is a favorite topic.

He has released two audio recordings -First Contact: Lasting Impressions on how to make the most of the first ten seconds when you meet someone and Warrior Born: living as a man in today’s world on the role of men in society today.



Debbye Cannon
SMARTcut Solutions Founder
Mentor, Trainer, Presenter, Author

By developing mastery of their “Ideal Rhythm” clients are able to accomplish routine responsibilities as well as pursue their goals, dreams and mission. Recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, they are able to learn how to increase personal values and enhance relationships and abundance.

Debbye Cannon founded SMARTcut® Solutions after creating her own entrepreneurial ventures and spending over 25 successful years in two internationally-known direct selling companies. Experience has made her a great resource for the busy entrepreneur who finds they are struggling with juggling the demands of family life, volunteering in the community and working simultaneously! 

She now loves speaking, teaching and working internationally with clients who refer to her as “The Fairy Godmother.”  Her passion is mentoring entrepreneurs worldwide to discover the SMARTcut® Solutions to simplify life and create serenity and prosperity for their businesses and families. Debbye will make your life “simply brilliant!”

Our Values

Creating personal independence and relationships.
Providing flexible, customized solutions to everyday issues.
Developing teamwork in the home and business. Delivering
lasting results.

Our Principles

Integrity and Honesty
Ownership and Accountability
Efficiency and effectiveness

Our Mission

To empower and elevate individuals and families
to have positive, lasting relationships and achieve continuing prosperity.