Are you ready to move forward quickly?

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ADVANCE! is a 6 month program of intensive mentoring with Michael and Debbye for guidance and support to unlock your success!

What’s Included

  • Complimentary download copies Tele-summit recordings.
  • 1 Virtual Day
  •  Support products as needed.
  • 6 One on One Mentoring Sessions + recordings

Mentoring, a matter of trust

Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that partners people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentees. Mentors provide support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and a constructive example. Mentors are good listeners, people who care and want to help you bring out your unique strengths. Mentors are not a therapists, clergymen, or parole officers. It is up to you to make the most of this mentoring experience.

Everyone has the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society. However, not all get the support they need to thrive. Mentoring has proven to be a powerful tool for helping people fulfill their potential.

The ADVANCE Mentoring program can help by:

  • Helping mentee achieve desired goals,
  • Improving attitudes toward family, peers and coworkers,
  • Encouraging focus and motivation,
  • Helping mentee face daily challenges and
  • Offering mentee opportunities to consider new paths and acquire much-needed economic skills and knowledge.

The ADVANCE  Mentoring program offered here provides a monthly 1 on 1 mentoring call (recorded) plus weekly email/text followups providing accountability of action steps toward your individual goals. There are rules provided below designed to enhance the relationship and interaction between you and your mentors.

Member Rules

  • I will respect my mentors’ time, and keep my e-mails short and to the point.
  • I will keep requests for expedited responses to a minimum.
  • I conversations respectful, professional and private.
  • When venting frustration or concern, I will not use profanity, make derogatory remarks, or specify names of people or entities in my communications.
  • I will notify my mentors when I am unavailable to receive/send e-mails or make one on one appointments.
  • I understand and acknowledge that any views, opinions, guidance or remarks of my mentor are specific to him/her.
  • I understand my mentors are not clergyman or therapists and cannot provide absolution or diagnosis.

Mentor Guidelines

  • We respect our members’ time and will answer e-mails promptly. (“Promptly” is a term to be defined by the mentor and student.)
  • We will guide our mentee by words and example.
  • We will be respectful and professional. Our communications will remain private.
  • We acknowledge that any views, opinions, guidance or remarks we may make are personal and may not reflect the views, opinions, guidance or remarks any professional association.
  • We will notify mentee when we are unavailable to receive/send e-mails.
6 Month One on One Program $7500