Are You Drowning in Paper?

From junk mail to school work, paper invades our prime work areas and breeds overnight. It blankets every available flat surface (and sometimes the floor!).

If you feel suffocated by junk mail, advertisements, and just plain ole’ stuff you don’t have a clue what to do with. When loose papers are running a muck they slow you down. The first life-line of paper control is to get PEACE of PAPER® to keep up with it so it doesn’t completely overtake your space.

When you have to stop and perform ”strip search” of your desk (or kitchen counter) to find something you need. Your blood pressure rises and steam comes out of your ears. Admit it; we’ve all been victims of paper overload. Let’s get CLEAR on what we really need and what we will do with it.

  • Clear the clutter of the zillions of “to do” papers.

  • Eliminate unneeded paper without guilt.

  • Take action on what’s important.

  • Find receipts in a hurry.

  • Effortlessly Quick File™ the piles out of your work space.

  • Avoid missed deadlines and bill payments.

  • Have time for more enjoyable things in life!

A webinar is a busy person’s friend. We’ll send a link so you can watch and  listen to the webinar and download the  PDF e-guide. In about an hour you’ll finally know how to get in control of the paper chaos. I’ll also share my life line resources like: “What the IRS Says to Keep and for How Long”and my two  favorite filing system products.


PEACE of PAPER® Webinar and eBook $27

SMARTcut® Solutions products are famous for being TO THE POINT and amazingly USER FRIENDLY (even for the “creative” type). This no-nonsense system to corral papers so taking action is quick and easy. No more feeling like paper  is out of control. You’ll not only know where it is, but what to do with it. 

Before you know it your home and office will be clear of paperwork clutter. You’ll be making the most of every working hour and your skinny jeans will fit (well, no guarantee on the jeans bit!). But nevertheless you’ll be catching yourself saying, “I never thought of that! It’s so easy!” over and over again. Yep, Debbye hears it all the time.

Getting PEACE of PAPER®  will save you countless hours and frustration in your home and office.

P.S. Remember “time is money” and the PEACE of Paper® Webinar will save you hours each and every week. This could be the best decision you make all day!

What clients have said:

Beth, Piano Teacher: “Thank you for a WONDERFUL webinar… FIRST ever!!  I am anxious to join the Momentum Club…once hubby sees how the kitchen & coffee table paper “disappear”. Thank you again for your time & energy for us.”

Brad, Financial Planner: “Debbye’s PEACE of PAPER® gave me new ideas that are so simple and easy to integrate into my processes as a financial adviser and I will never again be “buried in paperwork” no matter how far ahead or behind I am.”


PEACE of PAPER® Webinar and eBook $27