20/20 Preparedness Vision…

…is a now a Facebook group focused on monthly suggestions for approximately $20 and 20 minutes a month to improve your family’s preparedness from 72 hour kits to two weeks sheltering at home.

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The 2nd Annual Spirit-Led Preparedness Conference of 2017 is coming this Sept. 22nd and I’m inviting YOU!
Raw Chef Wendy has invited me and 11 other speakers for a day of inspiration without the typical fear that often accompanies Preparedness Conferences.
The best part is that this one is unique!  It offers great hope and tools to help you become spiritually and temporally prepared.
Learn from experts about the following topics:
  • Signs to look for in the heavens and how to prepare for the coming of the Lord
  • Clean out your body and prepare mentally and emotionally for emergencies
  • Essential oils for the chakras
  • Simple ways you can start or add to your food and water storage to be “Simply Prepared”
  • Shifting your energy and preparing the body, mind and spirit for greater healing
  • Using music to lift your vibrations and aid in the healing of abuse and trauma
  • How to fire your ego and higher your soul
  • Preparing for labor and delivery of a baby with natural pre- and post-partum care.
  • Preserving food with fermentation to keep it alive and full of probiotics
  • Heaven Journaling – having conversations with God
  • Herbal formula for plagues
and much more!
We are excited to share these and other topics with you from our expert presenters who have lived what they are teaching.
You may learn more about them HERE:
Seats are filling up fast! Be sure to grab yours and tell your family and friends.
It will be a day of spiritual upliftment for all. I hope you’ll join us.