your meals. simplified.

How to feed your family well in a hurry!

What’s meal time mis-management costing you? For starters it’s stress and aggravation. How many times have you heard, “What’s for dinner?” and just wanted to run hide under the bed? It’s endless…Read on.


your travel. simplified.

It’s Like Cliff Notes for Travel

Debbye knows you don’t have time for a lengthy dissertation or 10 week course, so she’s created this SIMPLE illustrated guide. It’s the “Cliffs Notes” to travel secrets for the way-past-busy traveler. You’ll love the new addition of her six short “how to” videos to quickly take you step-by-step through your packing process.Read more here.



your kitchen. simplified.

Are you ready to get your kitchen organized?

SMARTcut® Solutions our focus is on getting “your life. simplified.” and there’s no place better to start than in the kitchen. For most gals, the kitchen gobbles up hours of your day, every day! It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home but all too many are having a “heart attack!” The kitchen is a busy place where family and friends tend to gather (until it’s time to do the dishes). Read more.



Tax Bot– this amazing app does a GPS tracking of your personal and/or business mileage. At the current IRS deduction rates, you simply can’t afford to miss (or be sloppy) about documenting  your deductible mileage! Sign up here and we both get a month free! Afterwards it’s $9.99 month when you use this link. Easy and affordable book keeping for your business!
PaperTiger2 A state of the art filing system. Ok, I’ll tell you right now, it’s unusual, but AMAZING! If you procrastinate filing because you FEAR you won’t be able to find your papers, then this is a must! NO SCANNING required. Just the best ever way to FIND what you have tucked away.

Use my affiliate link to get it here.

womenscared Computer back up.Are you living in fear of losing your computer data? Here’s some insurance you can’t afford to skip. Keeping your files backed up off site is plain ole SMART! Quit living on the edge of disaster and subscribe to Carbonite using my affiliate link so you can relax (and get rid of more paper) without the anxiety.