First Contact: Lasting Impressions

What happens to you when you first meet someone?

  • Do you freeze up?
  • Do you panic?
  • Do you not know what to say?
  • Do you know you have ten seconds to make an initial impression?

For many people meeting someone for the first time is a frightening experience. They have trouble making and keeping eye contact, they don’t know how to handle themselves, they feel anxious or stressed and they have no clue about the impression they are making?

And when it comes to job interviews, interviews don’t just count—they count the most. Regardless of how well you write resumes and letters, conduct research, and network for job leads, you simply must do well in the face-to-face job interview if you are to get the job offer. But conducting an effective interview is easier said than done. Your initial surge of joy in getting the interview may quickly turn into a case of sweaty palms, dry mouth, churning stomach, and wobbly knees.

The solutions are contained on this audio CD.

Here’s a sample from the audio recording:


This is a real people mover. Get it out there!

KD, Utah

Tracks three and four were life changing!

DC, Utah


 Michael Cannon has spent forty years studying leadership and mentoring in the military and civilian worlds. Taking advantage of his experience, he leads you through how to conduct yourself in this first meeting using the job interview process as a vehicle. He covers the role of eye contact, body control, and putting the other person at ease through mirroring.

Who is this audio recording for?

This CD is perfect for

  • anyone who is looking to improve their employment
  • anyone looking to advance up the corporate ladder
  • people who want to improve their ability to make a positive impression on others
  • people who feel uncomfortable in social settings
  • someone who wants personalized interview training, but cannot afford it

Career Counselors charge thousands of dollars for similar training. This is your opportunity to receive custom interview training at a fraction of the cost. Work experience, stellar referrals, and a college degree may score you an interview, but it’s the critical thinking and the ability to determine the interviewer’s thought process during the interview that will decide if you land the job or not.