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Yes, that’s right, a paper planner (but not just ANY paper planner)!

PLAN it, DO it, MOVE ON!


Creative types sometimes seem to function better when using low technology paper planners.

There’s no time like the present to start making the best possible use of your time. That’s not to say to “over pack” every day. More likely you want to get enough rhythm in your days that you can also have some down time. One of the best time management tools is a planner.

I’m not talking about a calendar or an appointment book, or what they call a “diary” in the UK. It’s also more than a lengthy “to do” list that just creates guilt and overwhelm. I am talking about a physical tool to plan your future. A tool that will bring order into your world. Where you can actually SEE all the different roles you play in life come to a convergence and fall into a realistic order.

Tina Slater


“I love this Planner! And thank you for the additional tips, like pasting in important addresses & using labels to update the address book section!! Excellent!”
Tina Slater, SMARTcut Solutions Group Coaching Member


I’ll admit I use electronic calendars on my desktop and my (beloved) iPad. You may even love your “smart phone” (mine isn’t very smart!). This is all fine and well for scheduling appointments and especially handy for reminders, but it doesn’t do the same thing that a planner does. In my many years working with very creative people (and usually overly busy people), I find electronics often don’t completely manage time well. People still have scads of sticky notes lining office walls, crumpled notes in handbags and brief cases and “to do” lists longer than a roll of toilet paper. If this sounds familiar, then check out this short video that tells about my favorite paper planner (you can leave it in the office) that helps me plan ahead SIMPLY and EASILY so I can actually GET RESULTS at home and at work!

Take back control of your life with this video on using a paper planner!

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