your kitchen. simplified.

Frustrated With Endless Kitchen Clutter?

At SMARTcut® Solutions our focus is on getting “your life. simplified.” and there’s no place better to start than in the kitchen. For most moms, the kitchen gobbles up hours of your day, every day! It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home but all too many are having a “heart attack!” The kitchen is a busy place where family and friends tend to gather (until it’s time to do the dishes).

I thought the “your kitchen. simplified.” was great, easy to understand the concepts and immediately make simple changes toward positive difference. Loads of usable ideas especially for faster family feeding. In thinking back, my mom was an efficient homemaker and business-owner but I never worked together with her in the kitchen. She worked alone preparing food, then after meals we kids were responsible for clean up (which always seemed to take hours for a family of six!). My husband often comments that our own children are able and even willing (current age and stage anyway) to help Mommy – so why am I doing it all myself? “Faster to do it myself. Less Stress. Less Mess”, I’d always answer, because that is how I saw it. Debbye, you helped me to see where my set-up, modeled after my childhood home, has actually been antagonistic to “extra helping hands”. Following your suggestions, making a few changes I believe I will find more MOMentum for income producing activities during daylight hours because I can stop banishing my family to the other side of the house while I alone strive to feed and clothe and clean. I believe I can model efficiency and train my children and enjoy their company all while getting things done. Thanks! Shea Peterson, OH
Getting things organized in the most efficient order will really save your time and energy. Like the idea? Then you’re looking at the right tool “your kitchen. simplified.” will show you how to FLIP your kitchen from FRUMPY to FABULOUS in just an afternoon (maybe less!). This guide is filled with photos and checklists to give you SMARTcut® Solutions to make your kitchen work FOR you for years to come. It’s quick and easy to follow Debbye’s SMARTcut® process to CLEAR, CONTAIN and CONTINUE having an organized work area.. Ahhh! Now, that’s SIMPLY BRILLIANT!


Your Kitchen. Simplified. Home Study Guide