your meals. simplified.

meals front coverHow to feed your family well in a hurry!

Have you ever…

…raced through a fast food joint to feed the family in time?

…felt guilty about feeding your crew “TV dinners” (or worse) again?

…run way-past “empty” just trying to get it all done?

…had an opportunity to invest in blending your family responsibilities with your life?

That’s what the SMARTcut® Solutions is all about…giving you SMART  ways to take SHORT CUTS so you can  get everything done without stress and guilt so you can enjoy prosperity and serenity.

Ahhh! Now, that’s SIMPLY BRILLIANT!

What’s meal time mismanagement costing you? For starters it’s stress and aggravation. How many times have you heard, “What’s for dinner?” and just wanted to run hide under the bed? It’s endless!

Is this costing you more than groceries? You bet! If you were to add up the hours spent in shopping, preparing, serving and cleaning up meals you’d be shocked! If you are a speed demon who can accomplish this in under 3 hours a day times $50 per hour income production time- you’ve just spent $54, 750 per year (plus the cost of food) to feed your family.

Oh, and the cost of food? Don’t forget to add in the convenience foods and eating out that’s putting your budget in the red…..

At least 4 nights out of 7 my family ate what would loosely be called “casual food.” And while I’d tried to break out of the drive-thru circuit, Subway sandwiches and pizza were staples in our home. We’ve now enjoyed the ease and yummy-ness of our SMARTcut® Meals System so much, we’ve decided to commit to No More Eating Out due to crisis. (Imagine the $$ we’ll save!) The #1 reversal is that I no longer feel like I’m failing my family nutritionally. Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

Meals Made Easy Guide – Step by step directions on ways to reuse your meal planning in flexible ways to really work around your busy life.  “your meals. simplified.” Is contains two PDFs,  a “how to guide” with templates and the SMARTcut Recipe Collection to quickly and easily set up your own family’s SMARTcut® meal system.

  • Emergency “Back Up”Meals – How to avoid melt downs when your day goes crazy.
  • Speed Shopping – Get in, get out in record time and save money to boot!
  • Using Your Meal System – Alternative methods for the creative spirit in you.
  • The SMARTcut® Recipe Collection- by popular demand, my own collection containing 30+ meals that can be table ready in 15 minutes or less!
  • Food Storage Solutions – Where and how long can I keep things?
  • Favorite SMARTcut® Tools – Simple tools that save you time, space and energy every day!

Thanks so much for sharing your system so the rest of us can live a more orderly, organized life! I like the idea of a system that makes it easy to plan ahead or, rather, plan once, then keep repeating. What a great time saver. Your ideas have made a huge difference in our household and I’m so glad you decided to make them available!Kami Evarts, Mom, Connecticut

What will you do with the “extra” time and energy?
As a BusinessMom of a six-figure (and growing) business it’s become more important than ever for me to work smart each and every day both in my home and office.  Debbye Cannon’s SMARTcut® methods of meal planning and shopping were easily converted to a perfect fit for my family’s raw and vegetarian lifestyle. It’s given us the ability to shop less often and have more flexible menu choices available as well as allowed us to occasionally buy in quantity so we are saving money as well! I agree, her methods are “simply brilliant.” Karen Knowler, United Kingdom
If it’s high time you started saving some time and energy around your house so you have more quality time to spend with your friends and family (not to mention a well deserved break for yourself!) then “your meals. simplified.” is the simple solution to meal planning.


Your Meals. Simplified. Home Study Course $47

The idea of SMARTcut® meals has made my meal planning much easier. Now I don’t have to try and remember what everyone likes each time I make up my menus. It’s faster to go shopping, too. I am also able to arrange (or rearrange) the meals depending upon what’s going on each day. This has saved me many hectic last minute trips to the grocery store or fast-food drive thru.Jennifer Turnbull, Busy Mom, Maine

Save your  sanity during “witching hour”!

Your Meals. Simplified. Home Study Course $47