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Are you interested in being a special GUEST EXPERT on SMARTcut® Radio with Debbye & Michael Cannon?  Our listeners include independent business owners, network marketers, coaches, authors, speakers and other solo-professionals.


Michael and/or Debbye host the call in a conversational style. Our listeners expect to hear simple, clear, practical and useful information on your topic. They should walk away from the call with concrete steps or exercises to do.

This show airs live Tuesday mornings, 11:00 am Eastern Time for 60 minutes. We normally begin with a 10-15 minute SMARTcut® Solution followed by a commercial break.

Afterwards you are introduced and interviewed for 30-45 minutes based on the questions you provide. After the interview and a second commercial break, you will have an opportunity to share an offer for our audience.

The show is live but is archived on the show site within a couple of hours and can be replayed at any time. The link for the radio show is Usually within six hours, Apple has the show listed on iTunes for download and encore replays at


You are welcome to promote ONE of your products, programs, or services on the call. We just ask that 90% of the total content you provide on the call is useful information for our listeners. You may want to consider a special offer to listeners, but please be aware that these recordings are archived via iTunes and circulated for some time to come. For this reason, a FREE BONUS item that you can leave posted on a special page of your site may work well.

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